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 Job profile
20 minutes to create a job profile with a simple questionnaire of 80 questions relating to the frequency of usual activities in this job and to discover PROFILERTONUS by the practice.
Sample Report - Product description
To measure the adequations between a job and applicants in order to eliminate the candidatures far from the job and to appreciate finely the good applicants.
Sample Report - Product description
 Talents and Orientations
To appreciate the solidity, the effectiveness, the vitality and the creativity of a collaborator or an applicants by his talents, to distinguish balance between the rational and the emotional components by the orientations, to understand the modes of learning, to assess for an effective coaching.
Sample report Talents / Orientations - Product description
To assess the qualities of the applicants for jobs of manager according to their contributions and their synergy with the team of which they can be a leader or member.
Sample report - Product description
To determine the distribution of the energy levels of a team, to locate her assets and its weaknesses, according to its missions, with its profile by the talents, to put in action the reserves of potential, to reinforce the assets, to cure the weaknesses by the comprehension of the dynamics of the team.
Sample report - Product description
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